Sr. Dativa Mukebita, FSSB, is the Founder and the Executive Director of The Village Angels of Tanzania. She is a Franciscan Sister of St. Bernadette, a Roman Catholic religious community that promotes the universal Franciscan spirit of helping the needy in their hospitals, schools, orphanages and outreach programs such as The Village Angels of Tanzania.


An elderly woman living in a small northwestern Tanzanian village fell and broke her hip.  She had been lying on the floor of her hut for three days without food or water when her neighbor found her.  He brought her on his bicycle to the local dispensary.  On the way, she died.

When Sister Dativa heard this story she was heartbroken, not because the old woman had died, but because of how she died.  It sparked an idea in her mind to build a support network for the isolated elderly poor.  In 2014, this concept became known as The Village Angels of Tanzania. The program was approved and endorsed by the leadership of the Franciscan Sisters of St. Bernadette.