Two years into our program, we have concrete achievements to share with you. Check the Blog section of this website, or follow our Facebook Page at, to stay abreast of our progress.

No donation is too small:

  • $15 will feed one of our elders for a month

  • $25 will pay the wages of one of our youths for a month

  • larger donations will help us accomplish our long term goals, such as bringing irrigation water to our farm, or planning for a program expansion to serve more elderly and more youths

  • a recurring donation, i.e monthly, will help us achieve the financial stability that is needed to run our programs.

You can also donate to a specific campaign. We have two underway:

  1. Water Project: help us irrigate our crops by bringing water to our farm. It will cost us $32,000. We have already authorized the expense and the water has been found. We have provisionally paid out of our General Fund. Your generosity will help us replenish those funds.

  2. Frank Nelson Volunteer House: we need to build a small house where our foreign volunteers and helpers can be housed during their stay. It will cost us $17,000. The building will be erected on our Farm and Center, in Kafua, Benaco.

Click the “DONATE NOW” button above to view all giving options.

You can make a difference. We thank you in advance for your trust and your generosity.

Send a check, if you prefer. This is our mailing address:

The Village Angels of Tanzania, Inc. - 32 DeHart Street - Morristown, NJ 07960

If your company has a Matching Contribution Program for charitable donations, we would love to take advantage of it.

Another way to support us is by shopping at through the Amazon Smile Program: