Our Multipurpose Building is now Rauscher Hall

Today was a big day for The Village Angels of Tanzania. In front of about 200 people, including most of our elderly, our newly-constructed multipurpose building was dedicated to Fr. Martin Rauscher, Pastor Emeritus of Assumption Church in Morristown and founding member of the Board of Trustees of The Village Angels of Tanzania. It was Fr. Martin who raised the seed money for the program, at the time when it was just a great idea on a sheet of paper.

The festivities consisted of a Mass, a ribbon cutting ceremony, the blessing of a plaque that Johanna & Sergio brought from Morristown, the planting of a tree and lots of singing, dancing and drumming.

Rauscher Hall consists of a multipurpose classroom/meeting room, a sewing room, plus storage space for foods and supplies. It is placed in the middle of a small campus, with hundreds of banana trees and lots of space for the expansion of our vegetable garden.