Donor Story: A 100-day Biking Challenge

Gloria Saltzman is a 65 year-old, hands-on “Grammy” to four grandchildren, a recent retiree from the Dial-a-Ride transportation company. Something else that defines Gloria is her bike:  she loves to be on it!

Gloria is a “softie” for the elderly.  She drove local elderly clients to their medical appointments for more than 25 years, going that extra “mile” with a helping hand whenever needed.  When she learned about The Village Angels of Tanzania she became an instant donor.

She got an idea one day of how to help in a special way: she would ride her bike 100 days for one hour.  If she succeeded, she would donate $100 to the program.  Although she told almost no one, she acquired 3 sponsors who backed up her efforts.

August 31, 2017 was Gloria’s 100th biking day.  Despite remarkable physical problems and severe weather conditions at times, she did it!  She said, “I pedaled (800+ miles) to make a difference in the lives of the elderly poor in Tanzania.”

The money raised by Gloria’s selfless endeavor will feed 27 elders for one month.  That is quite an impact!

If you would like to recognize Gloria’s achievement by making a donation in her name, please CLICK HERE.

Asante sana (“Thank you” in Swahili).

Gloria Saltzman with her bicycle ready for another ride.

Gloria Saltzman with her bicycle ready for another ride.