In Memory of Joseline Nsekanabo

Joseline Nsekanabo was a tiny lady, only 4 feet 7 inches tall and 81 lbs. She had one son and six grandchildren.  She lived by herself in a small hut, ate two meals a day that she prepared for herself. Though she suffered from chronic leg pains, she always produced a sweet smile when you spoke to her.  Josephine died on March 30, two days before Easter.  She was 79.  She died in peace and with dignity.  

The mission of The Village Angels of Tanzania is to care for the elderly poor in their own homes out of love for them and for God and to support them until death.  While we mourn the loss of Joseline, we are grateful to her for the happiness she gave us and allowed us to give to her.

Pumzika kwa amani. Rest in peace.