Johanna and Sergio are in Africa, visiting Sister Dativa and The Village Angels of Tanzania. Internet connection permitting, they will send frequent updates on their whereabouts and adventures. This is the first. They are speaking directly to you, our blog followers. Come back frequently to hear more.

There are no accidents in life. In July 2017 we flew into Kigali Airport in Rwanda, the closest airport to Benaco Tanzania, where the Village Angels are located. A driver picked us up from the airport and brought to a hotel, where we stayed for two nights. Our driver’s name was Sadicky Rutayisire.

It was only a short ride into the hotel, but in those 20 minutes a loving relationship developed. We hired Sadicky to drive us around Kigali the next day. In the course of our time together, we learned of his sad family history: the loss of his father during the Rwandan genocide of 1994, his forced separation from his pregnant mother and older brother, and his mother’s escape across the border into Tanzania - to a UN camp in Benaco. The Rwandan refugee crisis has significantly contributed to the need for our Village Angels of Tanzania program.

For many years, life was difficult for all members of Sadicky’s family. Preferring to focus on the present and work at building a good life for the future, they are reluctant to speak about their past.

Now we are back in Kigali - on our way to Benaco - and are reunited with Sadicky again. This time, we met Sadicky’s wife, Ornella, and his 7-month old son, Hirwa Dylan. We also met Sadicky’s mother, Kanyana. What a joy for us to meet her! The connection of Benaco between us is unmistakable. We have made plans to bring Kanyana to Benaco during our next visit to The Village Angels of Tanzania. Kanyana would like to say “thank you” to the FSSB Sisters and inhabitants of Benaco. There are no accidents in life.

Johanna with Sadicky Rutayisire and his mother Kanyana

Johanna with Sadicky Rutayisire and his mother Kanyana