Welcome, MSAIDIZI!

This Swahili word means THE HELPER!

We want to welcome MSAIDIZI to our campus in Kafua. It is a large motorcycle with three wheels and a cargo trailer. It was purchased last week, after a generous grant from the Order of Malta allowed us to cover a good part of the expense.

Why did we purchase MSAIDIZI?

Because up to now we have been limited in our capability to deliver water jugs to our elders. Each jug weighs 20 Kg (44 lbs) and our youths’ bicycles have difficulty carrying several jugs at a time. MSAIDIZI will give us the capability to expand our fresh water delivery program, by being able to transport several jugs and by navigating the narrow trails that lead to our elders’ huts.

Deliveries will start soon, after completing the necessary motor vehicle paperwork. Our motorcycle driver Kisuka is ready!